The stool design was appropriated from an old woodworking magazine and began as a self challenge to recreate what I thought was an intriguing display of geometric shapes out of wood.  Stools have Ash legs and combine a variety of new and recycled hardwoods for the seats and shelves. All stools are designed to be fully utilized for feet and bums, but not recommended for standing.

Frames are made from hand cut hardwoods and fit 4 X 6 pictures. Most are made from scrap wood where the knot was cause for rejection of the board. I have recycled these pieces and chosen to highlight the knot as the art itself. The first series of hardwood frames were balanced on disks made from Japanese Red Maple. Frame designs that followed incorporated smaller footprints with improved access to changing photos.

Mirrors can be made from Redwood, Maple, Ash or Cherry. Mirrors feature beveled or regular glass. The Redwood used in the mirrors is sealed with polyurethane to protect and highlight its beautiful and natural red toned essence.

Candle holders are crafted from pieces of barn or driftwood that are extremely unique but have not found a home yet at Rough Cuts Woodworking. I’ve combined these wonderful pieces with salvaged candle holders to create rustic accents that are beautiful as well as functional.

One-of-a-Finds™ are recycled stained glass or other rare or unique items. Stained glass is removed, if necessary, from original sashes which tend to have harmful lead paint and re-framed in lead-free rough cut lumber. Most pieces, once completed, have a “cleaner” looking side and a more “rough cut” looking side or what I like to call a good side and a better side.

Customers are encouraged to dig out or seek out their own old or unique accents and work together with Rough Cuts Woodworking to display and preserve their distinctiveness.